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Since 1949, Valley Proteins has been a leader in the efficient recycling of used cooking grease for every kind of foodservice establishment. Backed by our fleet of dedicated grease trucks, our team of restaurant service specialists will provide the services you need to properly recycle your used cooking oil.

We begin our process by providing each restaurant with a properly-sized, leak-free container to fit the volume of the store. During our regularly-scheduled service visits, we safely empty the containers, always in compliance with the most current government laws and regulations. The empty containers are thoroughly inspected for damage, and replaced with a new container, if necessary. 

Valley Proteins transports the used cooking oil to one of our processing facilities where it is recycled into valuable raw materials used for the production of alternative energy biofuels and high-energy animal feeds. To learn more about our commitment to the development and use of biofuels, please visit the Biofuels section of this site.

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