Making a Sustainable Difference

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Restaurant Grease Recycling in Winchester, VA

Valley Proteins, Inc. promotes clean energy initiatives across the US and globally. Grease recycling contributes to the world's renewable energy future establishments and consumers worldwide. What might seem like a waste material actually plays and important role in protecting our planet. 

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Our History

In 1949 Clyde Smith created a rendering company in Winchester, Virginia. 70 years later Valley Proteins is one of the largest privately owned grease recycling companies in the U.S. Today we continue to pursue his vision and strive to deliver service every day with the same dedication and commitment to a sustainable future. 

Who We Serve

Valley Proteins provides grease recycling services to food service establishments throughout the country operating 26 fully licensed facilities in the U.S. which provide services vital to the environment and in accordance with our sustainability mission. Our processes protect the environment from contamination while providing economic benefit to our customers. We buy used cooking oil (UCO) and waste vegetable oil (WVO) from local supermarkets, restaurants, and other food service establishments to recycle it for use in the production of clean energy bio-fuels. We take pride to work hand-in-hand with our customers towards a cleaner, greener planet. 

Learn More About Our Mission

At Valley Proteins, we are happy to help local business owners and residents become more informed on the benefits surrounding grease recycling. Reach out to our company now by phone to learn more about what we do and why we do it, as well as how you can get involved.