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Grease Collection in VA

Large and small food service businesses across Winchester, VA, count on the team here at Valley Proteins for efficient oil recycling. We recycle fat, oil, and grease (FOG) products, produced in food preparation. These products are then used in new and innovative ways increasing in value and benefiting the community.

Cooking oil that needs grease recycling services in VA

Grease Recycling Services

Valley Proteins is an industry leader in grease recycling. We provide clean containers of all sizes to collect used cooking oil. These containers may be interior or exterior and include smart intelligence with the ability to contact Valley Proteins when the container is full and needs serviced. Using reliable grease recycling service company for your restaurant can protect customers and employees from possible hazards, as well as both your and our wallets from revenue loss. Used cooking oil is a resource used in producing biofuels and a wide range of other products. The theft of used cooking oil has grown more common as individuals learn the ever-increasing value of this renewable energy source and Valley Proteins helps protect this value with lockable tanks and collection point boxes for interior tanks.

Why We Recycle Grease

Animal fats and other waste products within used cooking oil are used in the production of biofuels, a reliable form of renewable energy. We obtain the used cooking oil from supermarkets, commercial kitchens, and restaurants across the region and transform them into a clean energy stock used for a range of purposes. These recycled materials have been used in the production of animal feed, cosmetics, and so much more.

Get Educated on the Cause

When you call Valley Proteins to recycle your restaurant’s used cooking oil, you’re taking the first step to reduce the carbon footprint created by the community. Protecting the environment is a huge reason for doing what we do, and we want to educate our customers on why we do it. Call now to learn more or for an estimate on our grease trap services.