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Grease Trap Maintenance Service in VA

Improper disposal of used cooking oil and waste vegetable oil can lead to disaster and liability for community damage. Grease traps help to prevent clogs in plumbing and sewer systems, which can save you from costly damage and repairs. Valley Proteins works to help businesses in Winchester, VA, and throughout the country by providing efficient grease trap services.

Valley Proteins Inc grease trap maintenance service

Grease Recycling

Valley Proteins works with our customers for the collection of used cooking oils and other fatty waste materials. This is not only beneficial to the restaurant and our own business, but also to the environment and future businesses using the created biofuels from the recycled waste. After recycling grease, the now-processed product from our licensed facility is used to create sustainable a clean-burning source of energy and as a feed ingredient for livestock.  

Grease Trap Maintenance

In any kitchen, a grease trap ensures the smooth running of the entire business. Without these systems, a restaurant may become unable to comply with local regulations and could be charged a hefty fee. The wastewater created by your business must be free of oils for the safety of the entire community and environment, and a properly functioning grease trap is the best way to achieve this. Valley Proteins provides necessary maintenance services, such as grease trap pumping, waste disposal, and preventative line jetting.

Schedule Grease Trap Maintenance

Call us now to schedule regular grease trap maintenance for your restaurant. We also sell some of the top brand systems available on the market. Reach out now and we will gladly address any questions or concerns.